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Off|on DADA

Interactive installation. 2017

In mediapoetry medium creates a shape, which is supposed to be a key in the perception of the literary art work. In the serial Pocket Poetry it is the new media that transfer texts into the physical space. Each text is embodied in the form of a electronic device that is sensitive to presence of the viewer. Thus text becomes a real object with physical body, energy and electronic sensors. Poetry behind the author starts being alive not as a metaphor only. It answers to the recipient and evolves on equal ground with her/him.

Here poetic texts are made as electronic objects. Each object is a poem. It has a sensor, a four line text display and an Arduino microcontroller. Each object reacts on the particular aspects of the environment: sounds, movements, light or sometimes smell even. Spectator can drive some objects by handling tumblers changing the generated poetry inside it. Some objects react on the spectator presence unexpected for her/him. After each interaction text on the screen is changed. Each object has tripod or alternatively it is possible to hung it on the wall or put on the pedestal. The objects are self-sufficient and only need electricity (220V).

At the moment several sub serials are done. Here the “DADA” serial with the texts of DADA poets is presented.